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Keeping It Real With Arthritis

Collection of stories from around the world


“Dealing with arthritis comes with a heavy emotional, mental and especially physical burden dealing with medical professionals who have limited communication skills just adds to this burden. We as patients do need to work harder on advocating for ourselves, but this shouldn’t be a burden shouldered only by the patients. Doctors need to have the skills to speak to and engage with their patients so that they don’t avoid seeking help because they don’t feel they’ll be listened to or helped.” – Jodie Humphries

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Jodie Humphries writes


Jodie Humphries

I am a writer, a dreamer, an obsessed puppy mum, a lover of Marvel movies with a goofy grin.
I am also a lifelong learner who wants to share all my knowledge to help build better world.
I love to write! I love to create! I love to help!

I have loved to write and create for as long as I can remember. I’ve always written stories, songs, poems, anything. I can always express myself better through the written word. I also have always had a strong and vivid imagination. In fact, it’s so strong I tend to get lost in it and forget to participate in the real world. I’m sharing this inner world with the world at large through my stories, my books and my poems.

I’m an introvert, I’m socially awkward, I’m shy, I’m an empath, and I’m a highly sensitive person. All this adds up to being a bit of a perfectionist who is always going above and beyond to help others when they ask for it, I may just be a bit quieter whilst I’m doing it.

I am also an obsessed puppy mum to Shi Tzu cross Maltese Wally.

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