Bite into the drama, fetch the fame

By Jodie Humphries



Get ready for a backstage pass to the dazzling world of puppy influencers in “Pupfluence,” a captivating tale that unravels the drama, envy, and wild antics behind the scenes of Sydney’s most glamorous pet influencers.

Meet Wally, an unsuspecting Shih Tzu cross Maltese, who, after a random friend request from Coco, Sydney’s reigning pup celebrity, is thrust into the whirlwind of pupfluence. Their friendship blooms at the local dog beach, propelling Wally into a world of gallery openings, dog festivals, and red-carpet events with the city’s elite pups.

Yet, beneath the glittering surface lies a canine kingdom fraught with jealousy, rumours, and intense rivalries. As Coco’s popularity soars, some pups and their stage parents are determined to dethrone the queen. Rumours spread like wildfire, drama unfolds, and Wally finds himself caught in the crossfire.

The competition is fierce, and Wally’s moms become targets in the cutthroat pupfluence game. False claims, workplace threats, and attempts to sabotage their business erupt, with rival pup parents using alleged celebrity connections to cast a shadow over Wally’s family.

The chaos escalates when a jealous pup parent calls the cops on Coco’s birthday bash, alleging violations of venue capacity and excessive noise. However, what starts as a malicious act turns into a comedy of errors as the police arrive, realise the absurdity of the situation, and even join the celebration.

“Pupfluence” is a rollercoaster ride through the outlandish world of pet influencers, showcasing the lengths some are willing to go to in the pursuit of canine stardom. With each turn of the page, readers will be treated to a spectacle of rivalries, friendships, and jaw-dropping situations that mirror the high-stakes drama of human influencers but with a furry twist.

This delightful and entertaining read is a must for anyone captivated by the enchanting lives of social media’s furriest celebrities. “Pupfluence” peels back the curtain on the pupfluence phenomenon, offering a humorous and insightful exploration of what happens when pets become the unsuspecting stars of the influencer realm.

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